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Our Services

Our Comprehensive Wealth Management and Estate Planning Strategies are designed to help our family of Clients make smart, informed decisions related to their Wealth. We use a Holistic Approach to managing money which allows us to better understand your unique goals and formulate Intelligent Solutions to help you accomplish them. The word “Services” covers enormous territory in terms of Wealth Management, and we are a Full-Service Firm. Some of our Services include:

Investment Advisory Services

  • Custom Portfolio Construction and Design 

  • Custom Review and Investment Monitoring

  • Detailed reports to easily track progress

  • Fee-Based Investment Advisory Structure 

Financial Planning Services

Our Financial-Planning process takes a detailed look at your short-term and long-term goals, balancing both to determine the best course of action. Every client is unique in terms of their desired rate of return and level of risk they are willing to accept. That is why it is of utmost importance to work with a Wealth Manager who understands your financial expectations, experience and investment style.

Financial Plans are not static, they evolve over time as do our client’s lives. It is important to have a Financial Coach in your corner, guiding you, your business, and your next generations to be responsible “Stewards of Wealth”.

  • Comprehensive Retirement Plan Construction

  • Monte Carlo Analysis

  • Estate Planning Review

  • Asset Allocation

  • Asset Protection

  • Life Insurance for Personal and Business

  • Life Insurance and Estate Planning for High Net Worth Clients

  • Income Planning

  • Charitable Giving

  • Wealth Transfer and Legacy Planning

  • Family Office approach to consulting and managing money

  • Retirement Plan Construction

  • IRA Rollovers

  • 401K, Cash Balance, Defined Benefit Plans

  • Bond Investment Strategies

  • Insurance and Annuity Policy Reviews

  • Value Investing

  • Risk Management

Managing the Family Business

  • Business Succession Planning

  • Business Split- Dollar Planning 

  • Buy Sell Planning 

  • Key Man Planning

Are there some Important Goals and Measures in your current Financial and Estate Plan which have not been addressed?

  • Is your current Financial and Estate Plan designed to Preserve Wealth for Future Generations?

  • Is it in alignment with your current goals and up to date?

  • Do you have provisions in your Living Trust in place which can potentially restrict creditors and ex-spouses from accessing Family Inheritance?

  • If not, is it important to you?

  • Has your Financial and Estate Plan been reviewed in the past two to three years?

  • Are your Retirement Accounts set up to be Multi-Generational?

  • Do you have enough money set aside for a comfortable retirement?

  • What would you like to do once you are Financially Independent?

  • Beneficiary Forms on Retirement Accounts, Life Insurance, and Annuities should be reviewed every two years. Would you like for us to review these important documents?

  • Do you have sufficient asset and mortgage protection in place in the event a spouse was to pass away?

  • Do you have a Buy/Sell Agreement or Key Man Insurance in place to protect your Business Interests and efficiently pass it to your spouse or children?

  • Are the investments in your portfolio in alignment with your desired level of risk and performance?

Call us today for your Complimentary 1 Hour Review of your current Financial & Estate Plan at 949-474-8440