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"Building Wealth for our Families of Clients and their Future Generations"

Our Vision

Our Vision There is nothing we value more than “The relationship” we forge with our clients. We want to see our clients succeed in everything they do, and often times develop a close relationship with them and their family. We are dedicated to helping our Family of Clients Build Wealth, Achieve Goals, Prepare for Retirement, Enjoy Retirement, and Leave a Lasting Legacy beyond Money for Future Generations.

This process is achieved with the help of a solid Financial and Estate Plan to help ensure wealth is not squandered due to bad money habits, divorce, creditors, and taxes. The Rockefeller Family amassed a Net Worth in excess of $300 Billion, in today’s dollars. The most remarkable part of their success was not only in how much they amassed, but how well they were able to Preserve their Wealth for Future generations. A well-honed Financial and Estate Plan starts with a team of Trusted Advisors dedicated to work together for the common good of your Family. In many instances we work together with key members in your circle including your Accountant, Tax Attorney, Estate Planning Attorney, and Business Attorney.

The Family Office is truly a Protective Measure where everybody works together to accomplish important Family Goals and Endeavors. The Team is dedicated to Preserve, Protect, Perpetuate Wealth indefinitely, and most importantly Keep Financial Predators out. According to the AARP (1), only 40% of Adult Americans have an up to date Will or Living Trust in place. Without a proper Estate Plan, the probate courts may end up deciding who inherits your assets. Keep in mind, with some Estate Plans, it may be wise for your beneficiaries to inherit the assets in a Trust For Benefit of them as opposed to inheriting the assets outright. When set up properly with a qualified Estate Planning Attorney, this can potentially provide valuable Creditor Protection from divorce or lawsuits.

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(1) Source AARP, February 24, 2017

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